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The Green Revolution, a significant post-independence achievement for India, led to food self-sufficiency via chemical fertilizers. However, after 50 years, soil health is declining due to excessive fertilizer use. Indian farmers apply 66 million tonnes annually, straining resources.

To combat this, Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. introduced innovative Paddy Straw Silica Manure for sustainable agriculture. The choice of manure affects productivity, sustainability, and human health, per an agriculture institute report. The Government of India initiatives GOBARDHAN AND PMPRANAM are also directed towards the same goal. An Advisory has been issued to all agriculture bodies to use FOM/LFOM in an effort to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices in farming.

SAVPL has been diligently working on innovative solutions and sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. SAVPL (with the support of IIT-D) has built the innovative technology that tackles the environmental and health hazards stemming from the open field burning of paddy straw. We are the first company in the world to set up a Biogas plant utilising only Paddy Straw as the sole feed. This will not only prevent its burning, but also produce renewable energy and fertiliser.


SAVPL Initiatives are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fertilisers, Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gases, Indian Oil Corporation, Ministry of Renewable Energy & Resources, and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

In our effort to transform the landscape of agriculture and environmental sustainability through various eco-friendly initiatives, we have recently launched the initiative "Hamari Mitti, Hamara Vatavaran”. The initiative bridges the gap between corporates, small farmers, and sustainable practices and support the community in nurturing our soil and preserving our environment.

Why Collaborate? 

For the simple fact that the power of collaboration fuels changes at every level. By partnering with this initiative, corporates and MNCs have a chance to support the farmer community in growing eco-friendly nutrition-rich food for our society.

How to Collaborate

Corporates and MNCs can collaborate by adopting practices like using Fermented Organic Manure and Fermented Liquid Organic Manure on their premises. They can further support in public awareness campaign through their employees and participating in awareness seminars/campaign. As well, support small farmers through sponsoring sustainable cultivation.

Your Contribution

  1. You are Supporting Small & Marginal Farmers, by adopting their land and sponsoring sustainable cultivation of eco-friendly and nutrition rich food. Support them by empowering them to grow their own produce using SAVPL's expertise. SAVPL pays forward by supporting you towards the well-being of your organization and your employees.

  2. You are working actively towards Sustainable & Eco-friendly Offices by making a difference at your place of work! By Adopting Fermented Organic Manure and Fermented Liquid Manure practices in your office premises, embracing sustainable waste management and promoting eco-friendly food choices. Your employees have the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally grown organic produce straight from the farm.

  3. Employee Engagement: You are Engaging your workforce in meaningful CSR + Environment conservation initiatives.

  4. Tons of Waste Diverted: Organic waste which is paddy straw is converted into valuable resources like manure and bio-fuel

Together, the Impact created is phenomenal.

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