1. Fresh Harvest
The biggest perk of having your own kitchen garden is that you have access to fresh harvest, whenever you need it. It eliminates the hassle of rushing to the vegetable markets. The kitchen garden ensures inexpensive and nutritious harvest year-round. And, you can not deny the fact that homegrown vegetables are far tastier and chemicals-free.

2. Nutritious Diet and Detoxifies Body
Vegetables are loaded with several vitamins, fibers, and minerals that provide essential nutrition to the body and prevent numerous diseases and malnutrition. Leafy vegetables prevent iron deficiency like anemiaHerbs and spices are known for playing a vital role indetoxifying toxins from the body. Furthermore, herbs are easiest to grow and require lesser space. You can pick lemongrass, coriander, dill, rosemary, mint, basil, and thyme for growing in kitchen gardens.


3. Purifies Surrounding Air
Plants cleanse the surrounding air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Apart from cleansing air, they elevate the aesthetic appeal of the house.


4. Gives You a Hobby
Gardening is like a hobby for many. Due to a hectic lifestyle, people’s touch with nature is losing. Vegetable gardening will keep you grounded with nature.


5. Recycling of Vegetables and Plant Scraps
The leftover peels, unused vegetables, and shredded leaves can help you in making compost for further gardening. You can even create a compost trench with these vegetable remnants. And, if you are growing leguminous vegetables like beans, then it has the added perk of naturally enriching the soil with nitrogen.