SOI MIX - Fermented Organic ManureSOI MIX - Fermented Organic Manure

SOI MIX - Fermented Organic Manure

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Delivery only in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali & ZirakpurFermented Organic Manure - Silica Rich Organic Manure Made From Paddy Straw. During fermentation pathogens, antibiotics and biological pollutants are removed. Therefore making SOI MIX safe to use for kids and pets.  Silica Paddy Straw is rich in Silica. SAVPL’s method of fermenting paddy straw makes the silica directly available to the crops. Silica plays a vital role in improving the stalk strength and immunity of the plant. Silica also prevents the uptake of the harmful/heavy metals by the plants. Water Retention Paddy Straw has excellent water-retaining property. By absorbing the water applied and slowly releasing it to the soil and roots of the plants, the Fermented Organic Manure prevents any loss of water through evaporation. Thus, the irrigation requirement is also slowly reduced. For every 5 kg of Fermented Paddy Straw Manure Silica Rich Organic Manure you buy, you are helping us in preventing the release into the atmosphere of approximately 8 kg of Carbon Dioxide along with a number of other pollutants. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix it in the ratio 70:30 (Soil : SOI MIX) into the soil of your pots or flower beds. Increase the quantity of the soil or the mix gradually as you see the plant growing. The product can also be used for general application to provide nutrients to crops. Recommended Usage For Kitchen Gardening: Spread 1 Kg Fermented Organic Manure on 80 sq. ft and mix well in the soil. Apply light water. Use Before : 24 Months from the date...
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