Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (SAVPL) was founded by Mr Sanjeev Nagpal with the primary goal of finding a solution to the environmental and health hazard in the form of open field Paddy Straw burning.

SAVPL is the first company in the world to set up a Biogas plant utilising only Paddy Straw as the sole feed. In its efforts to develop a technology that could be replicated and fully manufactured in India, at an affordable cost, Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. had commissioned Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Together, IIT-D and SAVPL have successfully found a solution to the open field burning of Paddy Straw; that will not only prevent its burning, but also produce renewable energy and fertiliser. Thus through the tireless efforts of Mr Sanjeev Nagpal, and with the help of the brilliant minds at IIT-D, Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. was able to convert the most hazardous of Agricultural Wastes, Paddy Straw, into a valuable resource of Renewable Energy, Power and Fertiliser.

Story from our farm

Mr. Sanjeev Nagpal is a mechanical engineer (PEC University) by qualification, businessman/entrepreneur by profession, environmentalist by passion and a philanthropist from the heart. He founded Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to end the environmental, economical and human life destruction caused through Paddy Straw burning

Sameer Nagpal, is the son of Mr. Sanjeev Nagpal. He is a MSc in Accounting and Finance by qualification, and came to India from London to aid his father in his pursuit of conserving the environment through sustainable development.


SAVPL enlisted the services of the world renowned Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi to develop the technology to successfully ferment and extract paddy straw for the production of biogas and fermented paddy straw extract.